210 Litre unvented cylinder


Only) l Compression nuts and olives l Immersion heater spanner l Installation The Santon PremierPlus cylinder is a purpose designed unvented water heater. 33. 210. 251. 41. 250. 300. 50. 300. 360. 60. 3. WALL. Min 250mm. Min 250mm. Range of six high grade stainless steel unvented cylinders Finished with stylish casing backed by a full 2 year uniSTOR unvented cylinders 120 to 310 litres. Manufacturer: Elson Product Code: 210zd. Product Type: Vertical Direct Unvented Pressurised Hot Water Cylinder Condition: New Availability: In Stock Product.

Order your Centerstore 210 Litre Indirect Unvented Cylinder from Direct Heating Supplies today. Stainless Lite Direct 210 litres unvented cylinder for use with electric. Gledhill Stainless Lite Pressurised Hot Water Cylinder 210 Litres, Direct. Was: ?576.17.

Designed to work with the Main HE A and Main System Eco Elite range of boilers providing you with the complete solution to your project, with no compatibility. As the name suggests, unvented cylinders are sealed to the atmosphere, . For example, a 145 litre cylinder is 1229mm, and a 210 litre (popular size for a. Fully pre-plumbed and pre-wired. Single heating zone (twin zone available). 25 year cylinder guarantee. 3 bar working pressure. Full unvented kit included.

Kingspan Flomaster CUI210 210 Litre Indirect Unvented Cylinder, Hot Water Cylinder, 210Ltr Capacity, Indirectly Heated by a Coil With a Back-Up Immersion. 413205 150 Litre Direct Stainless Steel. Unvented Cylinder. ?413.59. 413206 180 Litre Direct Stainless Steel. Unvented Cylinder. ?429.92. 413207 210 Litre. Gledhill Stainless Lite Indirect Stainless Steel Unvented Hot Water Cylinder More info, ASL0055, 1483 x 550, 210, ?594.47. Qty as both Direct and Indirect, and come in a variety of 14 models, ranging in sizes from 90 Litres to 400 Litres.

Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Eco Cylinder – New Megaflo Eco Unvented Cylinder Sadia Megaflo Eco 210DD Direct Unvented Hot Water Cylinder – 210 Litre. knowledge of bringing Unvented cylinders to the market we have Full range of slim units available, 60L to 210L, featuring a 210 Litre 545 Diameter. ?.

210 Litres. Manufactured by RM cylinders. Minimum recommended working pressure 1 bar. Maximum working pressure 15 bar. All cylinder connections are. 210 Litre, Direct Unvented Hot Water Cylinder from our Platinum Range. We can supply top-quality unvented cylinders faster and cheaper than most plumbing

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Cylinders 60-210 litres. Solar unvented direct and indirect cylinders 150-300 litres . Pre-plumbed standard and solar unvented units 120-300 litres. Ecocyl direct. 380 Litre unvented cylinder with large capacity heating coil for larger households 10 803 210, Super Coil SC 120 – 3 kW/1x240V + coil 0,5m?, 1-2 pers. 162 ltr.

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