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Definition of barred basin – Our online dictionary has barred basin information from A Dictionary of Ecology dictionary. English, psychology. Synonyms for boat basin at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Searched for basin in Term Name (2 result(s) found). B. basin. S. sedimentary basin. © Schlumberger Limited. All rights reserved. Privacy Terms Help.

31 Aug For each such attractor, its basin of attraction is the set of initial conditions . For the purposes of this discussion, we use the definition of Milnor. Basin: Definition and Pronunciation. 3. the quantity held by such a container: We need another basin of water to dilute the mixture. 4. a natural or artificial.

The Main Nile Sub-basin is one of the four major sub-basins in the eastern portion of the Nile Basin. It is located in the northernmost portion of the Eastern Nile. Basin: An open, shallow, usually round container used especially for holding liquids

A geological basin is a large low-lying area. It is often below sea level. Geological basins are one of the two most common places inland which collect sediment. Top Definition. basin. Derives from the term baser. When under the influence of cocaine, a person does nothing and tends to waste their life away. The act of. Definitions of basin: noun: a bowl-shaped vessel. usually used for holding food or liquids. Example: She mixed the dough in a large basin. noun: a natural.

Ba•sin /?be?s?n/USA pronunciation n. [countable]. a round container shaped like a bowl to hold liquid. the quantity that a basin can hold. a hollow place. Shortened labels for the characteristics used by the database are shown in the first column, named Label. The definitions of the basin characteristics are given in.

A low-lying district where groundwater is con?ned under pressure from surrounding layers of rock is called an artesian basin. These basins are often found. River basin. This website has limited functionality with javascript off. Please make sure javascript is enabled in your browser. HelpCenter Definition. The area of

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Basin. Definition and meaning from Bible Dictionary. Basin. The drainage basin hydrological cycle may be defined as a single river basin bounded by its own watershed and the sea. The drainage basin hydrological cycle.

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