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Bianco Light Construction. Submersible Pumps. Distributed by: White International NZ Ltd. Call 09 579 9777 for your nearest dealer. nz. 9 Jul The Bianco water tank range of pumps including petrol engine and submersible pumps are now available in Brisbane. Bianco Sump Pump with Internal Float Switch BIA-JH40011. Light and compact submersible clean water pump. Supplied wired and ready to install. Ideal for pits.

Bianco Pumps. Bianco Submersible water Pumps. Bianco Household Pumps. Bianco Pool Pumps. Bianco Rainsaver Pumps. Bianco Sump Pumps. Bianco. Bianco Stainless Steel Submersible Pump JH554B. $180.00 Bianco Submersible Pump JH400 Special DAB Submersible Drainage Pump DAB- NOVA180A.

6 Bianco Product Brochure. Submersible Pumps. SU. BMERSIBLE DRAINAG. E. Vortex drainage pumps are designed to pump water with some organic. At Tank Master we also supply the Bianco range of Submersible, Diver, Hot Water Circulator, Multistage and Aquatic pumps as well as Air and Water Reels and. Suited to: Medium to Large size homes, Bianco Submersible Pump / BIA- JH40011 Max. Flow: 125lpm. Automatic Float Switch Max. head: 8m 0.55hp. Suited to:.

Bianco BIA-JH8003P High Head Submersible Pump Light and compact high head submersible clean water pump supplied wired and ready to install. The pump. The pump is a submersible cutter pump used to pump sewage and soiled wastewaters. It is used to cut long soft stringy solids in suspension. Results 1 – 18 of 18 Submersible pump Bianco JH550b has float for switch off for low level water was used for pumping washing water to lawn no longer needed.

Bianco-AHSO5A S Submersible drainage pump fitted with semi vortex eurethane coated impeller plus agitatorready to install The pump has a dual mechanical. Bianco Rainsaver MK3E Installation and Operating Instructions. 1. surface mounted or submersible Pressure Pump supply system that is fitted with a FLOAT.

Bianco Rainsaver Submersible Pump. PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICING. Watts – 800. Flow Rate – 80L/M Nominal Pressure – 295KPA Connections – 1 x. Bianco 230v stainless steel submersible pump 550w BIA-Q550B 160 lpm 7 m head Condor 230v poly submersible pump 550w 200 lpm 9 m head


Bianco BIA-JH554 Submersible Pump. This pump is a light and compact submersible clean water drainage pump supplie wired and ready to install. The Bianco BIA- JH400 Submersible Drainage Pump. Drainage pump models are designed for de-watering tasks including pumping out sumps, flooded areas and.

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