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A decent sized Build could need 14+ Fittings That is around ?200 spent on fittings with Bits power or ?56 for Alpha-cool ones. I have used. Barbed fittings are just barbed fittings and there isn.t much there when it comes to price, but is there a difference in quality when it comes to the. G1/4 Bitspower Multi-Link Adapter 10/12mm – (Single fitting) and why? Could I get away with using the Low Profiles for all my fittings?.

The New True Hi-Flow Design. Hi Quality Brass Material. Bitspower High Durability E-Plated Technology In White Color. Hiding O-Ring Design. World First. So I got some fittings in and I wanted to see the hose on one. I put it on and tried to screw the cap down on it well that.s where the story stops.

My question is which fittings will fit http://www.mcmaster. I.m leaning towards bitspower hardline fittings. will this work together. So I finally received my bitspower 3/8 X 5/8 Compression Fittings today in the mail. These were the last of my parts needed for my custom. Hi ,I am going to sli Hydro Titan x but i cant seem to find out if you use fitting Bitspower G1/4 D-Plug Male or compact or long or normal with a.

10MM (3/8 ID – 1/2 OD) Bitspower Schroeffitting 45 graden Rotary – G1/4 Black Sparkle BP-BS45R2CPF-CC2 Bitspower.s Rotary Compression Fitting features a. Weapons of choice will be 10/12mm acrylic tubing (source as of yet undecided) and will be using bitspower fittings with it. Now I do not have. Bitspower BP-TR-C – Rotary Fitting T – 180 Degree Water Cooling Accessory – shiny silver: Bitspower BP-TR-C – Rotary Fitting T – 180 Degree Water Cooling.

2 Aug Second, I have been watching a lot of Linus.s videos and he really likes the Bitspower fittings and I am looking at their website and I don.t see. 16 Jul As the title says i am looking to buy bitspower fittings and i live in Sweden and i found in this subreddits wiki page and was.

I.m in the process of picking out my liquid cooling setup. I really like both EK and Bitspower fittings but am not sure which are best. Any advice is. Here.s our Bitspower Full Cover Block for the insanely cool looking MSI X99 GODLIKE . Beautiful build by Colin with great use of Bitspower fittings. What do

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Bitspower Taiwan On-Line Shop – N.G. Series SPECIAL OFFER Brand Fitting Pump Radiator Tube Water Blocks Cable Case MOD Water Tank Custom PC Kits. I was thinking about picking up some used Bitspower 1/2 , 3/4 compression fittings. I always liked bitspower connectors and rotaries but have.

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