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Cooker hoods not only look good but also help to keep your kitchen cleaner, you may need to purchase additional parts like an extraction kit or charcoal filters. Glotech and Easiduct sell everything Cooking Hood Ducting, from Flexible ducting to Rigid ducting to complete ducting Kits which include wall outlets available. Get Electrolux Vent kits for Cooker Hoods. Lowest prices on genuine spares.

Buy cooker hood filters and spare parts direct from AEG. Genuine replacement filters, lamps and other parts with How-To video fitting instructions. Universal cooker hood vent kit. Diam 120/125 (length flexible aluminium duct 1.5 X125.

22 Items Whirlpool Cooker Hood Vent Kit (150 mm). Universal venting kit for cooker hoods (150mm) More information ». In Stock. Stock Number: ES1431181. This EASY FIT cooker hood venting kit is designed for a problem free installation and trouble free performance. SUITABLE FOR MANY BRANDS BUT PLEASE

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This Quality 3.5 meter cooker hood ducting kit is ideally for Island cooker hoods, Ceiling cooker hood or can also be run up and over your kitchen cabinets. At Cooker Parts UK we have a wide varierty of Cooker / Extractor Hood Vent Kits and much more.

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Looking for Cooker Hood Ducting Venting? We stock lots of Cooker Hood Ducting Venting. External Wall Ducting Kit With Vent 150mm (6 Inch) -. Ducting is not used to match the power of the cooker hood. A few key installation . equivalent. One of these ducting kits will be ideal for most situations. Cooker Hoods Ceramic Hobs Cooker Hood Combos. KuKoo 90cm Glass Kitchen Cooker Hood / Extractor With Free Vent Kit. Free Vent Kit (worth ?45).

Venting kits provide ventilation for your cooker hood. This will reduce condensation and smoke filled fumes in your household, keeping a fresh environment. Neff has engineered and designed an extractor hood for every type of kitchen. Our hoods work quietly in the background, extracting unwanted food smells.

Extractor hoods should not be sited where ambient temperatures are likely to Rimini (500mm width), is a domestic stainless steel chimney extractor hood with . thermostats, underfloor heating kits and underfloor heating insulation boards to. Size. 7207. Rectangular Tumble Dryer. Kit 100mm. 100mm/4. 7208. Round Tumble Dryer Kit. 100mm. 100mm/4. Cooker Hood – Venting Kit. With Gravity Grille. Each kit contains the required parts to provide ducting to a cooker hood, tumble dryer or extractor fan. Kits contain wall outlets, available in four colours as listed.

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