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When we first saw our downstairs half bathroom, I knew the mirror, sconces, wall color . With some help from the new wallpaper, a fresh coat paint from Ralph. I bought this for our toilet in our newly refurbished house, it gives a nice I absolutely love our downstairs loo decor and all visitors comment on the wallpaper. 17 Sep Statement wallpapers: from Sixties op art to beasties from the rainforest or have fun with printed pictorial paper in the downstairs loo.

19 Apr The downstairs .cloakroom. has traditionally been a place where anything goes. But what does your loo say about you?. 1 Still a bit scared of wallpaper? Start with the downstairs loo – traditionally the place to go a little wild with the decor. Graham Brown.s Loo Loo.

Statement wallpapers are said to be good for the downstairs loo, but these days no one has one! This wallpaper design pokes fun at this idea and actually. I want sommat daft as a feature wallpaper for the downstairs toilet. Sommat daft like Where.s Wally (or Waldo for our colonial cousins) or

Loo Loo Blue Wallpaper by Graham and Brown

Don.t be afraid to use big, bold patterns in small spaces – a downstairs cloakroom or toilet is the perfect place to get creative and have some fun. How to decorate. 1 Let.s face it- what your downstairs loo looks like is probably way down We chose her wallpaper .Linear Stem. in yellow to perk up our toilet.

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Master bedroom and downstairs loo papered and painted. “This is the 3rd . “ Robbie did a Fantastic job putting our wallpaper up, It looks amazing! He is great. 2 Nov I wouldn.t ordinarily invite the Ninternet into my downstairs loo ordinarily DH chose a fabulous wallpaper which is light and bright and entirely. 5 Jun My Magpie* self wanted to strip the whole thing out and start again with a new loo , sink, taps etc. The wallpaper definitely had to go. I have a bit.

26 Aug If you love strong colour and quirky design but don.t like the headaches and claustrophobia that come with it, decorating your downstairs loo is. Wallpaper has been making a come back in recent years. about it overpowering a room, is to use wallpaper in a small room, such as a downstairs cloakroom.

13 Mar The downstairs loo is a great place for bold patterns, funky wallpaper and feature lighting. 9 Jul So don.t shy away from opting for wallpaper over paint, whether it be a downstairs loo or a hallway, our top tips will help you pick the right paper. 13 Apr Even though a guest toilet is usually quite small, there is no reason it Cool wallpapers, a fancy sink, a gorgeous chandelier and probably a.

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