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Dramm 1/4 Turn Brass Shut-Off Valve. Dramm One Touch Valve. Dramm Shut- Off Valve. DRAMM Color Storm Nozzles. Fireman.s Style Twist Nozzle. Dramm 12353 heavy duty brass shut off valve. All Products Sellers. (3). Sears Only. In-store: set your location. Local Availability. To see local availability for. Shut Off Valve. The Fogg-It Nozzle company makes nozzles in 5 different flow rates for watering delicate flowers. We are prowd to offer 2 garden hose products.

Dramm Brass Shut-O? Valve is a professional quality full flow valve. Made of brass for durability. Aluminum Shut-Off Valve is identical to brass valve with lighter. Dramm OneTouch Shut-Off Valve. Dramm OneTouch valve offers easy thumb-tip control of water flow, from full flow to off and anywhere in between. Diecast zinc.

Control your water with one finger using the DRAMM Hose End Heavy-Duty Shut -Off Valve. This valve connects to the end of a standard garden hose. Push the. The Heavy-Duty Shut-Off Valve like the ones that use the 12353 valve are great when you want maximum flow. The plastic Water Breaker Nozzle will eventually

The Dramm One Touch Shut Off Valve allows thumb control of your water flow. Extremely easy to use, the One Touch Valve can be adjusted from full flow to off. PDramm Heavy Duty Plastic Shut-Off Valve/P PUltra heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, but lightweight. Fingertip control. 5/8 opening gives a full flow. Made in the. Made of solid brass, this Hose Shut Off Valve is designed to provide easy ON/ OFF water control at the end of your garden hose. Full flow valve — will not reduce.

Dramm 35 Shut-off Valve – plastic – Black. Product Code. 060003-01. Dramm Dramm Plastic Twin Shut-Off Valve. Dramm Polypropylene Shut-Off Valve – 74C. The Dramm One Touch valve offers precision fingertip control for all your watering needs. Full water flow: 11 GPM @ 40psi. Brass Threads. Nylon valve.

Description: Simply the best shut-off valve available. Dramm.s #300 Brass Shut- Off Valve provides fingertip water control at the end of your greenhouse. Durable seals and a chrome plated ball make this brass shut-off valve the best you can buy. Just attach it to the end of your garden hose and with just a quarter

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Dramm 12353 Heavy-Duty Brass Shut-Off Valve (B000HHQAQY), B000HHQAQY , 036434123534, 0854585282586, 12353 at camelcamelcamel: Amazon price. This Dramm Cycolac Shut Off Valve will control water flow from full to shut off. It is designed to provide water control at your fingertips to be used at the end of.

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