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So, when I saw drinkSAFE.s inline solution, I thought I.d give it a try I purchased a waterstraw from DrinkSafe-Systems and was very pleased with this product. WATER STRAW: Suck through device.Has inbuilt purification and post media filter and supplied with EPA purification tablets.100mls /minute. Fixed Filter . 10 . ? Drinksafe Waterstraw 700 litres. ? ? ? ? , ? , ? ? ? ?.

Now I.d take something like a drinkSafe inline filter.no good for the the travel tap or Waterstraw from Drink Safe Systems here in the UK. NEW Drinksafe Waterstraw 700 litre Personal pure water filter NEW Waterstraw:A patented technology ultralight waterstraw filter with watertight cap and.

Water filters: -.Travel tap. water bottle and .Water Straw. both from www.drinksafe- systems.co.uk. Accessories: -Mini chopping board (Now cut in half), mini. 26. Sept. Waterstraw – uberall unterwegs bedenkenlos Wasser trinken. Wer von http:// www.amazon.de/Drinksafe-Waterstraw-litre-Personal-filter/dp/. 6 Mar drinksafe water straw photo Personal WaterStraw 700 litre pure water filter – Click to see more info and pricing for DrinkStraw 700 here.

DrinkSafe Waterstraw (40g / 1.4oz) Frontier Pro filter (2oz / 56g) (Note: Frontier pro filters are rated only to 3.0 microns, but Aquamira claim their technology still. Drinksafe Waterstraw 700 Litre Personal Pure Water Filter Immediate use water- straw – Clean water from cup bag stream etc. Gives clean filtered water for the. Http://www.drinksafe-systems.co.uk/products.php . a quite disturbingly dirty and smelly canal in Derbyshire through a Drinksafe water straw.

Morgen zusammen in argentinien hat mir ein englander eine interessante version von wasserfilter gezeigt: der waterstraw von drinksafe-. 17 Aug If you drink it today, best use a WaterStraw (www.drinksafe-systems.co.uk). Alongside the well are almshouses for lepers dedicated to St.

See http://www.drinksafe-systems.co.uk for details. stainless bottles, personal Waterstraws, inline Aquaguard systems for hydration reservoirs and waterbags. Buy Drinksafe systems micro filtration, safe drinking water items on eBay. Find a huge WATERSTRAW PURIFIED WATER FILTER 700 litre SURVIVAL

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Find Drinksafe-Systems in Plymouth on Yell. Logo of Drinksafe-Systems Delivery. Worldwide Delivery – Shipping daily. 700 litre Waterstraw – fits in pocket!. Suck It And See! Drinksafe Water Straw Lifestraw.s Target Market The lifestraw is aimed at people who partake in outdoor pursuits such as trekking, snowsports.

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