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South East Water customers can order a free water-saving device which fits groups and other organisations may request additional water-saving devices. Free water and energy saving devices. Thames Water offer for all Westminster households. Details. How to claim. Terms and Conditions. Contact. Free products and discounts. home how to save water free products and discounts. How to save water. Why save water? In your home Outside your home.

H2eco is a great opportunity to receive free water saving products which, where suitable, will be installed in your home, and it.s all free. The products we are. Fit a .hippo the water saver. bag into your toilet cistern and save up to three litres of water every time you flush. Ring us on 0800 052 0145 for your free hippo bag.

Your water company may also supply free water-saving gadgets for your shower. These gadgets include: a shower-flow reducer that screws into the bottom of. Our experts can be involved with installing water saving technology to ensure that new Water saving taps. Free water efficiency pack. Tap aerator fitting instructions Retro-fitting of water saving devices can make a huge difference to water. Information on what advice and/or water saving products are available from water companies.

Need to be completed if you wish to submit this one page online form. The offer of free water saving products is open to Northumbrian Water customers only. WaterSaving at Water Butts, Water Tanks and other water saving devices. Water Saving with Saving water will not only. Thames Water are giving away FREE water saving devices. You can order free water saving shower heads, save-a-flush bag, shower timers, tap water saving.

Free water saving products. Simple changes can make a big difference when it comes to saving water. Our free water saving kit is a great way to get started. We want to make it easier to save water and save money, so offering our customers some fun and useful water saving devices for free! Click here to get.

If you are interested in looking at other water saving products for your home and garden, take a look at what is available in our partnership site with Save Water


Take control of your water usage with our FREE water saving kit. Everybody can save money by saving water, not only those that are on a water meter. A free Save-a-Flush bag can reduce the volume of water used for toilet flushing and lead to big savings in water consumption. learn a bit about your water supply. You are here: At home » Your water » Product discounts. Save-a-Flush form?.

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