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10 Nov The I-Team chronicles the life of a mother addicted to heroin and her family.s struggle to save her life. 13 Apr The stories they tell are often uncomfortable, ones they.re too shy to people are abusing the drug (either pain pills or heroin) worldwide. 19 Aug With 62 overdose deaths from heroin in, there was no denying it: York County has a heroin problem.

6 Aug City officials said emergency teams responded to more than a dozen heroin and other opiate overdoses in a 24-hour period this week. Diana Cooper said probably the scariest moment during her heroin addiction was the night she was driving her four kids along the Oregon coast, headed toward.

12 Aug They.re today.s heroin users. Kurt Byrne knows the story well. His path started in a suburban town in Massachusetts. I grew up happy, healthy. Heroin affects one person, one family, one community at a time. This is Marin.s story. Her parents told Marin.s story publicly for the first time when Ohio Attorney. 16 Aug This is one of those science stories that.s part “wow” and part “uh oh.” On the wow side, cracking the code on lab-brewed opioids was no small.

9 Jul Now, he and his parents are sharing his story in the hope it helps others. overdosed on heroin while returning from a trip to Massachusetts. Are You A Heroin Addict? Join friendly people sharing 239 true stories in the I Am a Heroin Addict group. Find forums, advice and chat with groups who share. 24 Jul These Porter County jail inmates and others told stories of overdoses, time spent in jail, and the age at which they started using heroin.

8 Apr Heroin and other opiates have begun to devastate many communities in Editor.s note: This story is part of a series, Hooked: America.s Heroin. 27 Jul Heroin is a dangerous, deadly drug that is crippling more and more Tampa Bay families. Use of the drug is reaching frightening levels in Sar….

29 Jul Overcoming heroin addiction is difficult, but it.s possible. A former addict, a loved one, and a clinician share their stories of coping with heroin. 13 Apr The stories they tell are often uncomfortable, ones they.re too shy to discuss “ Heroin abusers become very adept at hiding their addiction

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There is no doubt the powerful grip of heroin and other opiates is extremely hard to break We want to share these stories with you so that you know recovery is. 7 Apr His addiction culminated in the use of heroin, a drug that quickly broke him, sending him into a variety of treatment facilities and programs.

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