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The Kohler 84499 Is The Newer Style Replacemnt Fill Valve For 3402, 3397, 3378, 3383, 3385, 3401, 3408 Model Kohler Toilets Where The Flush And Fill. Kohler Toilet Parts Guide: Just select your model from the list to see all the parts that fit your model. Then use our secure checkout to get the parts you need. Download and view instructions Kohler SIPHON VORTEX LOW PROFILE ONE- PIECE TOILETS K-3378-EB online. Click to go to download Kohler SIPHON.

Toilet Tank Lid Replacement Service. Lids, Covers, Tops. 10 Mar kohler k3402 pb rialto toilet seat kohler 1.2 gallon toilets kohler rochelle toilet tank lid kohler rialto toilet repair guide kohler k3402 toilet seat.

23 Dec We need a new toilet seat for our K3402 PB 1071 pl What does a gardener guru advise me what to do Is an officer required to advise the. 26 Jan 1984 K3402-PB. WELLW0RTH. SEAT MOT INCLUDED. White. Reg. 101.95. $ 7 6 9 5. #3500 PB. VANITIES. T300 49 95 29.95. T400 5 9 9 5 39.95. TOILET PAN. Choose from one of the following criteria. Manufacturer. Choose manufacturer, AB Sjobo Bruk, Allia, AM PM Professionals, American Standard Inc .

Question – K-3402-PB Rialto Toilet I replaced the Float Valve and the – 5P. Find the answer to this and other Plumbing questions on JustAnswer. I have a Kohler one piece toilet (K3402PB). The fill valve can.t shutoff. I opened up the the valve (K-9269) and found out that the plastic riser rim. 12 Sep 2003 I have a Kohler Rialto K3402PB, and the ballcock valve is leaking. I tried replacing the water supply and it still leaks. I went to the plumbing.

Have 2-kohler rialto k3402 pb toilets,they both sweat most of the summer kohler can.t help.is there a insulation spray i could use,these are one. I have a Kohler Rialto (model # K-3402-PB) toilet and I just replaced the Cap Plunger Kit any how after I replaced it the toilet reservoir fills up.

Hi All, I found the forum doing some research on my cranky Kohler 3402PB. Couple of questions if you don.t mind. I can.t seem to find much. Genuine Kohler replacement toilet parts for K-3402 Rialto One-Piece toilets. The original Kohler Rialto one-piece flushes 3.5 gallons of water. We stock genuine

Kohler 1-piece toilet – water fill valve replacement Terry

21 Apr I believe our toilet is a rialto bought around 1983/85 from Kohler in chocolate brown. Its seat needs replacement and we do not know which. DOES ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH AN OLD (1989) KOHLER K3402PB … January 17,. Question: Does anyone have experience with an old.

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