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ESPERO WHITE. 9”, 14”. M. EVENTIDE CORAL 4.5”, 9”, 14”. L. WILMA WHITE. 9”, 14”. L KAMOME WHITE. KALE. KAMOME RED. KALE. PEACOCK WHITE. Title: Effect of chlormequat (cycocel) on the growth of ornamental cabbage and kale (Brassica oleracea) cultivars .Kamome White. and .Nagoya Red.. Language:. 5 Feb mg/L CCC via spraying method in cultivar .Kamome White. after 60 ornamental cabbage and kale plant growth (Gibson and Whipker, 2000).

23, Flowering Cabbage, Ornamental Kale, Collard, Cole .Kamome White. Brassica oleracea var. acephala. 24, Flowering Cabbage, Ornamental Kale, Collard. $2.60. Lot. 15000. 5.5 Kamome White Leaf Type: Frilly kale shape. $2.60. Lot 5.5 Pigeon White Leaf Type: Smooth edge or ca‹‹age shape. $2.60. Lot. 15000.

Product ID: 32373756285 takii seeds whole sale lots free shipping 100 pieces japan organic KAMOME White ornamental cabbage and flowering kale seeds. Onions .White Sweet Spanish.. White Sweet Kale .Chidori White.. Chidori White Ornamental Kale Ornamental Kale .Kamome White.. Kamome White. Ornamental curly kale – probably .Kamome White cabbage. brassica. white. curly. kale. ornamental. Kamome White. Brassica oleracea. outdoor.

Kale .Kamome Pink.. Kale .Kamome Pink.. Kale .Kamome Red.. Kale .Kamome Red.. Kale .Kamome White.. Kale .Kamome Lantana Camara .Bandana White.. Ornamental Kale Kamome White Available in 2 sizes. Ornamental Kale Kamome White. Code: FL-KALE-KA. Size: 9 Pan. Sold: Individually. Price:. Photo of Flowering Kale Chidori White F1, Flowering/Ornamental Kale Ornamental Ornamental Kale Crane White F1 Ornamental Kale Kamome Pink F1.

Scientific name: Brassica olaracea (pot). Variety name: Fringed Leaved white kamone F1. Common name: Flowering Kale. Use: Bedding Plant. Plant height :. BRASSICA OLERACEA .KAMOME WHITE. KALE. Image Code: GWG-BPE3020. Botanic Images Inc. Garden World Images Rights Managed.

Kamome Pink (Flowering Kale) – 1013J. Fringed Nagoya White (Flowering Kale) Ornamental kale has a wide variation of flat types which include savoyed or. 2. Table 1. Characteristics of ornamental cabbage and kale cultivars. Cultivar . Slightly smaller than Chidori White and similar to Kamone White. • Semi-creamy

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KALE – 4.5 pot – Ornamental – Kamome Red, SEPTEMBER. KALE – 4.5 pot – Ornamental – Kamome White, SEPTEMBER. KALE – 8 pot – Ornamental – Peacock. Kale. Dynasty. Red. Kale. Dynasty. White. Kale. Emperor. Red. Kale. Emperor. Rose. Kale. Emperor. White. Kale. Glamour. Red. Kale. Kamome. Pink. Kale.

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