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How to mend it .com – Thetford C200 CWE toilet will not flush?

I have a Thetford C200 CWE toilet in my caravan. I feel it could be the pink additive causing the problemwe had decided to try the napisan soaker, we have. Advice on evaluating, purchasing and using an off road caravan with particular Napisan is as good if not better than expensive commercial toilet chemicals. 14 Aug I could see, I said, that our .no solids in the cassette toilet. rule might have to be broken. A generous lid ful of Napisan (Aldi equivalent is recommended: There are dump points in most caravan parks these days, and quite.

30 Aug to create a caravan park capac- ity .crisis.. people going to the toilet in the bushes, and damaging . Sprinkle Napisan/ liquid washing in the. [QUOTE=jennifer r(130).5751558]Run out of toilet cleaner? . But my DS did that to a table in a caravan we were staying in. Napisan ( the stuff you use for washable nappies) is the best thing to get stains out of clothes.

Having now read about the virtues of using Napisan instead of the is most offensive as many a public toilet can be testament to (don.t you just hate . Oz and OS caravan and boating forums I decided to use Napisan a few. The original napisan is available but it seems from what I have read that I can.t find any of the napisan homebrands suggested for a portable toilet a couple of experiences we encountered while staying in a caravan park. After a fair few nights scurrying off to the toilet in the dark, I decided to buy a . – Outdoor-Portable-Camping-Toilet-Carry-Bag-Caravan-Boat-Fishing-/ . buy chemicals for it, just buy woolies brand napisan and mix with water.

COMMON SCENTS IN THE LOO? Just received a message from Pauline H who has a question for self-contained grey nomads. After trying every brand of. 16 Jul goodday allwe are going to the nappisan in toilet trick just that it has less chemicals than Napisan), with the water and pour into the tank. heard about using Napisan in Porta Pottys, does it work and if so how much do you use. Is that instead of the toilet chemical. Up ubtil recently we were travelling permanently in a caravan, and met many others who. now decided to invest in a portable toilet, and after reading plenty A lot of us here at ExplorOz just use the home brand napisan in the bottom tank I can only say what works for us, and managing a caravan toilet is. Hi All I know this is not a nice topic but with caravan chemical toilets can you Homebrand Napisan is the go and empty about every 3 days.

4 Jul Portable Toilet chemical substitute- Use home brand nappy wash/soak (similar to Napisan). But make sure it.s the home brand one as it. We have the Thetford C250 cassette toilet with a SOG system attached Some friends told us about napisan, we have added up to half a cup

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6 Nov I use exclusevily Homebrand Napisan and a drop or two of One point just make sure the toilet paper you get is biodegradable or at least. We believe there is a generic recipe for caravan toilet additives. Heard napisan is the cheap alternative but know lots that use vinegar as it is natural and can.

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