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Of 350 kPa, 500 kPa and 600 FUNCTION of a PSL PRESSURE LIMITING VALVE. A PSL is different to a pressure reducing valve – a pressure reducing valve is. High pressure and temperature tolerances Stainless steel seat Dezincification resistant. LIMITING VALVE. The Boundary Pressure Limiting Valve has been developed to limit the water pressure to a domestic dwelling to a maximum of 500 kPa.

1 PT Relief. Expansion control. Pressure Limiting. Valve. Black. 700 kPa. 550 kPa . 350 kPa. Blue. 850 kPa. 700 kPa. 500 kPa. Green. 1000 kPa. Model: LVT20500. Apex Pressure Limiting Valve Hot 20mm 500kPa – LVH20500 Use with EVT700. Note: All limiting valves must be protected by a downstream.

(ECV), Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV). 25 Litre, HT55 1400Kpa, H50 1200Kpa, PSL50 500Kpa. 50 Litre, HT55 1400Kpa, H50 1200Kpa, PSL50 500Kpa. 80 Litre. Easily adjustable 100 – 600kPa. High flow rate. Install in any position. Factory set at 500kPa. Makes pressure limiting valves redundant. Gauge port standard. Pressure limiting valve 500kPa Brand new item. Start price: $60.00. No reserve. Closed: Mon 7 Sep, 9:30 am. Listing #: 941944057.

The valves are factory set at 500 Kpa. The down stream pressure is adjustable from 150 to 600 kpa by turning the screw on top of the plastic cover. Clockwise to. Pressure Limiting Valve. PLV. TM Factory set at 350Kpa, 500Kpa, 600Kpa In addition to these instructions, Pressure limiting valves (PLV) must be installed. Find great deals on eBay for Pressure Limiting Valve in Plumbing Supplies RMC 15mm 1/2 BSP Female 500kpa PSL Pressure Limiting Valve PS50 PS502.

Pressure reducing valves, also known as pressure regulating valves, are a valuable Set at 500 kPa (non-adjustable). Right angle for boundary applications. PSL512 Pressure Limiting Valve 15mm 500kPa RMC.

Product Description. 3/8? tubing FPV 500 Plastic pressure limiting valve with daul check non return. Push in 3/8? tubing inlet and 3/8? tubing outlet. Protects. Maximum pressure for cold and heated water plumbing, and must not exceed 500 kPa. This applies to limiting valve or adjustable pressure reducing valve

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Available in a range of fixed outlet pressure settings. » 350 kPa, 500 kPa and 600 kPa. Application. RMC PS Pressure Limiting Valves are suitable for use to limit. A pressure reduction or limiting valve will be required to be fitted on the water so the water pressure does not exceed 500 kPa at the tap outlet. The pressure.

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