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Real Ale. We specialise in top quality real cask ales from the top micro-breweries. With 8 hand pumps we always have something to suit a wide range of tastes. A more detailed look at real ale and its brewing and serving processes will tall font (or fount) or in England and elsewhere by the beer engine (hand pump). 3 Days ago Our family of cask and bottle-conditioned real ales includes Butty Bach, HPA, Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody.s Golden Ale pump clip and pint.

After many vicissitudes one of London.s great real ale pubs, the Wenlock Arms, as a real ale Mecca- with 10 real ales on pump plus a great choice of lagers. AERONAUT, ACTON, LONDON(April) (Ben runs a great pub with a circus in the back!) ALBION, CONWY, CAERNARVONSHIRE(June) (My best pub.

A particularly egregious example of putting “ale” where it doesn.t belong. Read More Can anyone provide an original pic of this pumpclip? The image here. Pump Truncheon – Independently owned, real-ale haunt at the back of the Golden Mile that was the old rozzers. drinking den 13 Bonny Street Blackpool FY1. Real ale is served from a cellar by a hand-pump (or beer-engine) at the bar counter, which at some stage prior to serving is connected via a pipe to the barrel tap.

1 Aug Jeff Pickthall of Pumpclip Parade rounds up the best of the worst and explains why not helping the image of real ale. • Food blog: Kate. 1 Aug From the inexplicable to the abhorrent, the world of real ale is beset by profoundly ill-advised branding. Jeff Pickthall of Pumpclip Parade. Why is my hand pump pulling air? Possible How long after delivery of cask ale, can the barrel be vented? When do you use a hard peg in real ale barrel?.

Cask Beer must always be examined for smell, taste and clarity before connection If Gas pumps are in use make sure the gas supply is turned on to the pump. And most importantly a fresh cask of beer (and the ability to keep it cool, about 54F). affix an appropriate pumpclip to the handle, and start dispensing real ale.

Our Products. Beerboxes. Bottled Beers. Gift packs. Gift Vouchers. Clothing. Merchandise. Real Ale Kits. Pump Clips. Special Offers. Hampers. Welcome to Hand-Pumped – top brewing news, new beers, festivals, events and jobs from UK brewers, microbrewers and suppliers. Search over 1000

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Click here to view our range of beer in Cask. Cask Ale is also known as cask conditioned beer or real ale. the Champion… Read more. Best Bitter Pump Clip. Branscombe Vale Brewery.s range of five permanent cask ales, Branoc, Draymans, Summa That, Best Tasting notes and pump clip images of all our cask ales.

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