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Innovatively designed shower trays that are at home in every bathroom. Product overview. Alle. Bathtubs. Shower trays Bathtub. #700335. 1700 x 750 mm. Bathtub. #700336. 1700 x 800 mm. Bathtub. #700337. 1700 x 900 mm. The 1700mm extension shower riser kit caters for any shower tray (excluding Classic shower Trays Stone Resins Square 800mm x 800mm shower trays with.

Only ?159.97 inc VAT, Phoenix 1700 x 800 Walk In Shower Tray ST051, lowest UK price. Limited Availability at this low price, excellent quality and value for. This product is available in multiple options (Click on any option to show details for that option). info icon, Rectangle 1500 x 700 shower tray anti-bacterial slate.

Rectangular Walk-in Shower Tray (1700 x 800mm). Range: Walk-in Shower Trays. Finish: Hydrofusion. Code: RST1780S. ? 297.00 Include VAT. Add to wishlist. Rectangle 1600 x 800 shower tray anti-bacterial. info icon, Rectangle 1600 x 900 shower tray anti-bacterial. info icon, Rectangle 1700 x 700 shower tray anti-. 800 Choices of shower trays across 6 ranges, from engineered installation . 800mm. 900mm. 1000mm. 3. 3. 3. 4. 1400 / 1500 / 1600 / 1700mm. 135mm 800mm. 900mm. 1400 x 900mm. 1500 x 760mm. 1500 x 800mm. 1600 x 800mm.

The modern gleaming white finish of the Infinity Durastone 1700 x 800mm Walk- in Shower Tray is created by a mineral stone resin mix with a durable acrylic cap. Mira Flight Low Shower Tray Square 800 x 800 2 Upstands. ?154.97. ?101.97 . Hydrolux Rectangular Shower Tray 1700 x 800. ?369.97. ?244.97. Hydrolux. A huge range of Walk In Shower Enclosures at crazy prices. In stock for next day Hydrolux Walk In Enclosure 8mm 1700 x 800mm 1 x 800 1 x 1200. ?649.97.

Designed for installation in a recess the stylish Milano 1700x800mm walk-in shower enclosure is sure to create a sleek, contemporary look and feel to any. This innovative MX Durastone Shower Tray has been developed using the latest technology in design manufacturing and materials. The ABS acrylic capped.

Trueshopping Walk-In 1600 x 800mm Shower Enclosure Trueshopping Recess Walk-In 1700 x 800mm Acrylic Shower Tray With 1000mm Glass Return. Take a look at Mira.s range of durable acrylic resin stone shower trays. Incredibly 1700 x 900 Mira Flight Low – Quadrant – 1000 x 800 – 0 Upstands – LH

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Mx DURA STONE 1700 x 800 RECTANGULAR Shower Tray 45mm Low Profile + WASTE in Home, Furniture DIY, Bath, Shower Enclosures eBay. Recess Walk-In 1700 x 800mm Acrylic Shower Tray With 1000mm Glass Return. Cheapsuites Recess Walk-In 1700 x 800mm Acrylic Shower Tray With.

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