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18 Sep You mention a new 32mm pipe, and some lead pipes. Thames Water came out told us that to change the pipes to 32mm MDPE would cost. 21 Jun What do you do if your home is flood with sewage and your water company won.t help? us after a catalogue of pathetic responses from Thames Water when . Lead piping is not a significant hazard unless the water is soft. 18 Mar Thames Water has said engineers are on site now trying to fix the problem . My system is as inspected by Thames Water when the lead pipes.

1.2 Thames Water has charged ?1130.76 (exclusive of VAT). an amount which Mr Ali claims is in excess length of pipe: 3m, 63mm diameter charge for a single connection) for what was in effect the replacement of an existing lead supply. Mains drinking water must comply with certain legal standards. by contacting the Thames Water Customer Centre or writing to Thames Water Customer If this is done the water company can be required to replace any lead pipes between.

Under the Lead Pipe Replacement Policy, Thames Water may replace part of your supply pipe, up to the external stop tap at the boundary of your property (the. Yorkshire Water change lead pipe for free presumably because they owe a duty of care to people using their sevices, Thames Water by not

1 Jul Lead pipe replacement Thames water charge about 500 squid for connection to meter, plus maximum 1 metre digging, could even be half a. 15 I replaced a burst lead pipe not long ago, by the time Thames Water came round to test the lead content at the kitchen tap, the plastic pipe was. Thames Water will replace any lead pipe from the mains supply to our outside stop tap, but we are responsible for replacing from there on in.

24 Nov My water authority is thames waterdoes anyone know roughly how believe thames water pay anything towards replacing the lead pipe. Hi, Need to get my water main changed, the old lead one is leaking. With Thames Water it.s ?250 to replace main supply pipe from stopcock.

Our Mains pipe was replaced a couple of years back – Thames Water did it for free, but I think there maybe other lead pipes between the mains. Lead in drinking water is not usually a problem in our area as the hard water in the area replacing lead pipes or need more information please contact Thames

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We are a water company approved contractor for replacing and repairing water supply pipes and water mains look no further. Visit us However before 1970, many smaller water pipes were made from lead. Although thames water logo. 25 Dec concern as water pipes containing lead are still common in old properties and copper or plastic (Thames Water Utilities Limited,a).

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