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Automatic air vent valve, with check device and discharge nozzle. Chrome-plated brass body . Complete with automatic shut-off valve. RIA. Nominal pressure:. Save up to 35% off list price with US Water on the WATTS Manifold Automatic Shut-Off Valve. Starting at $12.95 w/ tech support 7 days a weeks. Shutoff Valves.” CSA Certified 3) Automatic Gas Safety Shutoff Valves C/I (3.9), Temp.┬░F. Spare Coil Family. AC. General Purpose Explosionproof. Watts. VA.

Shutoff valves can save you from the nightmare of repairs due to water damage, and will save you money by preventing that water damage. The Watts. Watts IntelliFlow Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve. Valve. Watts A2C- 0004640 IntelliFlow Surface Mount Washing Machine Water Shut-Off Valve.

A Company of Watts Industries Europe B.V. The transmitter mounted on the safety shut-off valve looks for a pressure drop indicating that one or more gas taps. Series A2C-WB Wall Box IntelliFlow Automatic Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valves with Leak Sensor are used in residential applications to protect against

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Watts IntelliFlow Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve with Leak Sensor A2C-M1 0004640 – Protect your home or business against water damage. A burst. The Watts IntelliFlow┬« Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve uses a state-of- the-art electronic control device that senses the washing machine current flow.

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Watts IntelliFlow. by Sheryl. There are ways to prevent catastrophic water damage from your washing machine. If you have an automatic shut off valve, and the. 11 What you need is an automatic water- and fuel-supply shut-off valve. A water- detector shut-off valve like one produced by Watts Technologies. Watts Phone series a2c wb m1 wall box intelliflow automatic washing machine water shutoff valves with leak Tier1 asv erp jg automatic shut off valve tier1.

Acquire the Watts 3/4 in. Steel Earthquake Valve AGV-75, steel to shut off a gas supply automatically when triggered to do so by a 5.4 or higher magnitude. Specifying Automatic Control Valves is a critical balancing act. On one hand . point and shuts off drip tight when the high level is reached. The rotary 3-port.

Timeout automatic shut-off valve provides a solution to prevent flooding of your home Symmons and Watts hookups. shut off time, up to two and a half hours. 6 May Close the existing shut-off valves that provide hot and cold water to the Hold the automatic shut-off valve in position against the wall, and. Operation, the Model RSV-1 Valve automatically shuts off water flow to the domestic system and diverts it to the sprinkler system. The Residential. Shut-Off Valve.

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