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YakAttack Zooka Tube Fishing Rod Holder (1.5 – Fishing

This YakAttack Zooka Tube model is compatible with 1.5 RAM ball mounts. This newly designed kayak fishing rod holder can be quickly adjusted for a multitude. I am thinking of getting the YakAttack Zooka Tube Rod Holder. The only question that I have is which base? The square fixed base or the. 28 Aug Please let me know what you all think of the Zooka Tubes. Zooka Tube. Top. # 9269430 – 08/28/13 06:06 PM Re: Zooka Tube [Re: Yak.

Zooka tube with no base. A 1.5 screwball is needed to attach this to a track. Or you can use a ball mount to attack it to any part of the kayak. The Zooka tube can. Yak Attack Zooka Tube Kayak Fishing Rod Holder. Specs: Weight: ~2 lb. Construction: UV and Marine Resistant Polymer Includes: Zooka Tube, Post Mount.

The YakAttack Zooka Tube is among the most secure and versatile way to attach your spinning and casting rods to your SUP board. Yakattack Zooka tube is by far our favorite rod holder for both the spin and bait caster fisherman. What the!? You might ask? Well it.s for a couple reasons. The Zooka Tube is among the most secure and most versatile fishing rod holders ever created.

The YakAttack Zooka Tube Rod Holder designed with Ram Mounts allows you to carry a casting rod and reel or a spinning rod and reel, all in one unique rod. On another note, while chatting with him about the quality of the new track mounts he also informed me about the new Zooka tube rod holders. YakAttack Zooka Tube / RAM Tube Jr. is among the most secure and most versatile fishing rod holders ever created. The intuitive design utilizes the features in.

YakAttack Zooka Tube. I.d heard about this new rod holder from YakAttack some time ago, though the video below is the first real good look that I.ve had of it. Patrick Triato + NEW is raising funds for ZOOKAâ„¢ – Wireless Speaker for your iPad, iPhone iPod on Kickstarter! Silicone Bluetooth speaker for your tablet.

YakAttack Zooka Tube Rod Holders. Submitted by Fish360 on 21 June – 2: 55pm. Gear. Fishing kayaks have come a long way in recent years. The days of. 4 Days ago After further research on the internet, I decided upon a pair of Zooka tube rod holders made by YakAttack in the USA. I decided to go with the

Heavy Duty Track Mount and Zooka Tube review YakAttack Forums

YakAttack Zooka Tube Picked one up from PKS yesterday. So far its one of the best rod holders I have bought. My only complaint is my long rod. I don.t think you will be limited to your kayak with the YakAttack Zooka Tube. There will be a lot of fisherman looking to this rod holder for larger boats as well.

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